Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hello, bloggers everywhere:

Welcome to my newly-created blog, entitled "Stuey Nulman's Short World." Why such a title? Well, I've seen quite a lot from my 5"4" point-of-view, and it's anything but dull (maybe a little sore in the neck!). Through this blog, you will share with me two of my major passions: books and comedy. I've been reviewing books for CJAD 800 radio in Montreal with my segment called "Book Banter", which as been a regular feature on Peter Anthony Holder's long-running program since 1990. Also, I've been involved in many aspects of Montreal's renowned Just for Laughs comedy festival (which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year) and I have witnessed every estival since 1986 from a very advantageous point of view (it certainly helped quite a bit due to the fact that my brother ran the festival for 15 years).

So, you will be getting a seleection of some of my best book reviews from recent "Book Banter" broadcasts, as well as photos and anecdotes from past Just for Laugh festivals (as well as from this year's), which can also be seen on my Facebook profile.

And as we get along in the months ahead, this work-in-progress will also include other features and pics that I hope you will find both informative and entertaining (which has always been my goal with every endeavour I underook).

So pull up a chair, get your favorite phone book or seat booster, and enjoy.

Stuart "Stuey" Nulman