Monday, April 25, 2011

Sorry for the delay...

Hi blog readers:

I know it's been nearly four years since I did my very first post on my blog, but a lot has happened both professionally and personally since then, and it just didn't give me the opportunity to post stuff on a regular basis.

As I gear myself for another spring and summer worth of cultural festivals here in Montreal, I promise that I will be more frequent telling you what's going on in my "short world."

It all starts off tomorrow afternoon when I attend the press conference that will announce the line-up of the indoor shows for this year's Montreal International Jazz Festival. It continues the following day, as the 13th annual Blue Metropolis literary festival begins five days filled with events to satisfy Montreal book lovers of all tastes.

Then there's Just For Laughs (#29), the film fest, the grand prix, NASCAR, and plenty of other related events that make summer in Montreal a great place to keep a columnist like myself quite busy.

I know this blog is still a work in progress, but please bear with me because I plan to add pictures and other bells & whistles that will make it much more interesting to read and look at, so you get a good idea what kind of a "short world" that I live in.

Well, that's all for now ... I have about five books to catch up on for future reviews in my "Book Banter" column.

See you on the short side.

Stuart "Stuey" Nulman